About Us

NIMS's Story

NIMS’ journey started in 2014 when our founders, Faiz and Hanim started producing home made cereal with chocolate in jars for family and friends to enjoy at their convenience.

Who Are We?

Crispy Choco jar by Adeliciousz, as it was known before, quickly caught on the waves. News travel and flooded them with continuous orders. This is the genesis of NIMS Cripsy Chocotub.

In 2019, NIMS ADELICIOUSZ SDN BHD was established and marked its journey towards brand and product innovation. In the following year of 2020, NIMS started a revolution of product packaging and produced NIMS Crispy Chocotub with four signature variants. NIMS acquired a manufacturing plant in the same year and has produced one million Crispy Chocotub for consumers.

NIMS ADELICIOUSZ SDN BHD is a trend setter for Chocotub snackfood lovers. Wholesome goodness made from quality cereals that gives us that crunchy crunch sensation and topped with rich chocolate sauce guaranteed to make you indulge in every bite. Love those vibes. Love that taste.


To bring together wholesome goodness of happy food, dedicated with love to guarantee our customer satisfaction


To become a leading brand in cereal and chocolate food globally

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No. 93, Jalan Perindustrian 4/KU8, Kawasan Perindustrian Meru Selatan, 40150 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Email: nims.hq@gmail.com
Phone: +603-33964777/6016-7775507